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CEG Talent Management Agency is recognized as a Modeling and Talent Agency in the Tri-State area (PA/NJ/NY) since 1996.  CEG clients have relied on the agency to provide talented, well-trained professional models, singers, dancers and actors for a career in show business.  In addition, our Agency has contacts with modeling agencies, casting companies and advertising clients in New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities in the US, providing our talent with opportunities outside the Tri-State area.


The entertainment industry is very competitive business but it can offer many opportunities for all kinds of talent. There are three different types of talents in show business: the experienced, intermediate and novice. The experience talents are those very serious individuals who study for years and hope to become very successful and famous talents.  The intermediate talents are the very casual talents who hope for one or two assignments every once in a while. Finally, the novice talent is the talents who are looking for fun experiences, extra money and an exciting future.

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